Nuvola di soia

Nuvola di Soia Sunrise is a tasteful and 100% plant-based alternative to the traditional ricotta.

Primula di soia

Primula di Soia Sunrise is a tasty alternative, 100% plant-based, to the traditional “primo sale” cheese.

Petali di soia

Petali di Soia Sunrise are a tasty alternative, 100% plant-based, to the traditional cheese like cottage cheese.


Prepared using only the finest 100% plant-based ingredients, Mayosol is the vegan alternative to traditional mayonnaise, created for those seeking a healthy and light dressing without sacrificing taste.

Soffi di grano

Soffi di Grano Sunrise are delicious, organic biscuits prepared with whole wheat flour, enriched with coconut oil and sweetened with corn syrup and agave.

Rubini di mirtillo

Rubini Sunrise are delicious organic cookies with cranberries, prepared exclusively with with plant-based ingredients high in fibers and free from milk and eggs.

Bevanda a base di quinoa, riso e avena

Quinoa, Rice and Oat Drink is a vegan alternative to traditional milk, 100% plant-based, easy to digest and naturally lactose-free.

Bevanda a base di mandorla e agave

Bevanda a base di Mandorla e Agave Sunrise is a 100% plant-based alternative to milk.